Weight Loss Center in New Albany, IN

InShapeMD is a weight loss clinic and anti-aging clinic serving the needs of men and women in New Albany, IN and surrounding communities. Whether you are looking for diet programs, anti-aging treatment options, dietary supplement products, or aesthetics service, we offer customized programs that are designed to help you look and feel better.

Are you struggling with weight loss? We provide supervised medical weight loss to help you lose weight rapidly and keep it off. The goal of our weight loss treatment is to help our clients get rid of unwanted pounds and resolve health issues that may have arisen from the excess weight. We offer a few different weight management programs to provide the right program for your unique needs.

For most me and women, losing weight becomes more difficult with age. As hormone levels decline, you may find that you have gained weight, experience more trouble losing excess weight, or have other symptoms, such as irritability, anxiety, or depression. Hormone replacement therapy can help resolve these symptoms and restore the vitality of your youth. We offer BHRT and testosterone replacement therapy for effective anti- aging service for women and men.

We encourage you to browse our website to read more about our weight loss treatment programs, anti-aging service for men and women, and corporate wellness programs. Whether you want to lose weight or explore your options for anti-aging and hormone replacement therapy, the process begins with a visit to our office for a consultation. Please contact us by telephone or book your appointment through our website.