Weight Loss

Losing weight is personal.  No two people experience it in quite the same way.  When you come to InShapeMD Louisville to lose weight, we are going to sit down with you and find out what your goals are, what your struggles have been, and help you determine what program is right for you.  Our safe, effective, doctor-guided programs are tailored to help you meet your goals and fit your lifestyle. We have helped hundreds of clients lose thousands of pounds, and we can help you too!


Who wants to age gracefully?  You don’t have to accept the “common” symptoms of getting older (low libido, weight management issues, low energy, depression, anxiety, etc).  Plenty of people are finding that their lives are a lot more fun and productive when they actually fight the aging process.  Come See what is possible!


No longer just for the rich and famous, cosmetic enhancements are both safe and affordable. These simple non-surgical procedures help erase the signs of aging…literally taking years off of your appearance.We also proudly feature the award-winning Jan Marini Skin Care Management System.  #1 Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care System in America.  Four Time New Beauty Magazine Award Winner Best Skin Care System

Lab Tests

At the core of every wellness program at InShapeMD® is clinical data reviewed by a medical doctor. Establishing your baseline is essential prior to any treatment plan. Once your desired wellness goal has been identified, the next step will be the appropriate lab panel…

Corporate Wellness

With so many companies actively embracing a corporate wellness initiative, the solutions we offer are timely, appropriate and effective.