The Do’s & Don’ts of Weight Loss Motivation

By: Kimberly Yates 


We understand that staying motivated is hard work. Those who have gone through a weight loss experience will be the first ones to tell you the same thing. There are just those days where you wake up, you can picture achieving your goal in your head, but the motivation to get up and do it is nowhere to be found. And with today’s societal pressures, it’s easier than ever to sit back and succumb to the discouraging mindset that says, “You’ll never get to where you want to be.” Instead of giving in to that voice, fight back the negativity with positive, uplifting thoughts and actions. Consider these do’s and don’ts of Weight Loss Motivation to recharge your motivation level for the road ahead.


Do: Celebrate Your Victories

When starting a weight loss plan, many believe they need to work, work, work, and not until they reach their final goal, will they celebrate their achievement. One may say, “Once I lose these 50 lbs, I’m going to treat myself to a vacation!” While that is great, it is just as important to reward yourself for the first 5 lbs. you lose, and the next 10 lbs. you lose. Each milestone you make towards your final goal is still a victory. So whether it’s a spa treatment or day on the golf course, pat yourself on the back each time you succeed.


Don’t: Put Yourself Down

You may think that if you tear yourself down, it will only give you the energy to build yourself back up. When in reality, that type of thinking can actually do more harm than good. By entertaining self-condescending thoughts, you could be putting yourself at risk for emotional eating, risky purging behaviors, and ultimately giving up on your weight loss goals entirely. Next time you sense yourself migrating to the inner trash talk, pretend you are trying to encourage your best friend to lose weight and use those words for yourself.


Do: Find a Support System

Unfortunately, many people have certain family members and friends that may not agree with or support their weight-loss efforts. It could be that they are in a state of denial or just don’t want to lose their partner in junk-food crime. Whatever reason it may be, it is difficult for a person to meet their goals when they sense a lack of support from the people around them. By finding people that understand your desire to get healthy and praise your efforts, these are the ones that can help your motivation stay strong.
Encouraging yourself by celebrating small victories and support systems will truly make an internal difference when you are on your journey to a better you. If you’re ready to “Optimize You” today, give us a call. We look forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals!