Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness

With so many companies actively embracing corporate wellness programs. The solutions we offer are timely, appropriate, and effective. Employee wellness programs provide several benefits such as:

  • Improve Employee Health
  • Improve Productivity
  • Heighten Employee Morale
  • Increase Employee Retention
  • Decrease Healthcare Costs for Your Employees
  • Realize Valuable Tax Advantages
  • Improve the Financial Performance of Your Organization!

Healthy Employees =  Happy Employees

Healthy Employees = Healthy Bottom Line

 There is a new practice in the world of medicine.

 It all begins with a focus on wellness…not sickness.

Many employers are opting to re-allocate resources, shifting the sole focus from treatment to prevention…
…with positive results.

Some conditions are early warnings of much more serious health issues to come…
…Many of which could be prevented!     

The ISMD Corporate wellness approach focuses on preventive measures in key areas known to be major contributing factors such as…

• Vitamin Deficiencies
• Hormone Balance

A Corporate Wellness culture has certain components:

  • Educational Health Information to Promote Awareness & Behavioral Change
  • Supportive Social & Physical Environments
  • Integration of Wellness Program with Existing Company Structure
  • Coordination of Company Policies & Programs…Employee Assistance Programs
  • Worksite Screening

Services offered

Well designed and properly delivered obesity prevention programs that promote weight loss through better weight loss programs and wellness programs with proper, professional coaching like those at InShapeMD are a must for your organization!!!