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Why You’re Not Losing The Weight That You Want To

How many times have you set out to lose some weight or fit into those jeans again? How many times have you not followed through for one reason or another? Here at your premier Louisville weight loss clinic, InShapeMD, we see people every day who tell us the same thing. The first thing we usually tell them and what we’re telling you now is the same: your goal, while admirable, isn’t specific or actionable enough. What we always suggest are smaller, easier-to-follow goals.

Consider these smaller goals:

1. Make a goal to eat 2 servings of vegetables at lunch and 2 servings of vegetables at dinner. This is a great goal because you’re setting a specific, attainable goal for yourself rather than just saying, “I’m going to eat more vegetables.”

2. Make a goal to exercise 3 days a week. Saying that you’re going to work out every day is likely unrealistic (or you’d already be doing it). Planning for 3 days of exercise a week allows for the demands of life and keeps things flexible.

3. Make a goal to drink water instead of soda and juice when you’re having cravings. Drinking more water during the day and drinking less juice and soda will help promote healthy weight loss.

4. Make a goal to only drink twice a week and only have two drinks when you do drink. You’re sipping more calories than you probably realize when you’re having those glasses of wine. Remember, it’s all about the concrete numbers that you can visualize and commit to.

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