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Tips For Staying On Track From Your Louisville Weight Loss Clinic

Staying on track when you’re trying to lose weight can be quite difficult and for some people it’s harder than others. Here at InShapeMD, your premier Louisville weight loss clinic, we know that weight loss is serious business and that it should be treated that way. Today, we’ve got some tips for on how to stay motivated during your weight loss journey.

1. Weigh yourself every morning and write the number down. It actually pays to keep track and studies show that those who perform daily weigh-ins are more successful overall than those who don’t. If you’re the least bit computer savvy, you can create a chart to help you keep track.

2. Look in the mirror and face your reflection. Stare at your body and stifle the usual criticisms that you have as this can improve your body image. Speak to your reflection without using any negatively charged words.

3. Studies show that women who accept their body are less likely to have unhealthy eating habits. While it may sound decadent, getting a massage can help with this, too. Being touched by another person – especially when you’re not your ideal weight – can actually help you feel more confident about yourself.

4. Join a group exercise class, become a regular, and make friends with other regulars. Seeing your pals will make you want to attend class more often and they’ll help to hold you accountable for when you miss class.

5. Lift the weight you’ve lost! A great way to keep yourself from falling into the “what does it matter anyway?” eating mode when you plateau is to get a set of dumbbells that correspond to the number of pounds you’ve already dropped.

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