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Change Is Never Easy

Some weight-loss programs compromise muscle mass, which is critical to having an active, fast-burning metabolism. InShapeMD Louisville is the weight-loss clinic that will help you burn the fat, while you keep your muscle mass. This will help you metabolize your diet and use it’s energy more efficiently than a crash diet or other diet that is based on depravity. Check out this InShapeMD Louisville  testimonial that also addresses this very important weight-loss topic.

“I did my first round of hCG in March of 2012.  In 30 days, I lost 40 pounds!  I also took a body fat reading every day because I was concerned that losing weight that quickly would lead to muscle loss.  Muscle is very important because muscle is where we maintain our metabolism.  Every pound of muscle in our bodies burns between 25 and 50 calories per day.  The verdict: after 30 days and 40 pounds, I had not lost one ounce of muscle!”

“Thats when I knew that this program could help people lose weight effectively and keep it off for good! At InShapeMD Louisville, we know how hard it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle in today’s world.  We help people get and stay healthy by giving them the tools and support they need to succeed.  I got into this business because I wanted to help others experience the same life-changing results that I had.  After losing almost 70 pounds and keeping it off, I have seen personally what a difference it has made in my life.  My success is only one of many weight loss success stories here at InShapeMD Louisville.  After helping more than 250 people lose more than 5,000 pounds, I can confidently say that we can help you too.  We really are with you every step of the way!”

David Northup

CEO, Wellness Consultant

Check out our physician-driven HCG Medical Weight Loss and anti-aging programs now. You will never look back at your old self after you experience the you that you can be with InShapeMD Louisville at your side.

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